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This website is  personal one - directed mainly to the Norwegian and partly Scandinavian audience of diving pysicians. The content of the other pages (in Norwegian Language) is kept continuously updated, while this page is kept more or less static as I have no intention to approach the international community.

The website holds information regarding Norwegian courses in diving medicine, how to be trained in diving medicine (both as a physician and nurse/paramedic), the regulations relevant for diving physicians and diving medicals and some training documents in diving medicine. The webpage holds the relevant forms for Norwegian diving medicals as well.  Some extracts of this information is translated below.

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My name is Jan Risberg. I am employed at Norwegian Armed Forces Medical Serveices, NUI as and Haukeland University Hospital. My employers are not responsible for the content of this website. If you need to contact me, then please use my email.

Training courses in diving medicine

The Norwegian Armed Forces Medical Services, Medical Department, Office of Submarine and Diving Medicine arranges three courses for civilians related to diving medicine

Basic 5 day training course for physicians examining Professional divers according to Norwegian regulation. To be considered for Application, you have to be a licensed physician and speaking either of the Scandinavian languages as the course is held in Norwegian language at Haakonsvern Naval Base (outside Bergen).  Very limited space as military physicians occupy most of the capacity. The course is arranged twice annually. The course is approved as DMAC/EDTC Level I

3-day course in diving medicine for physicians, nurses, paramedics and senior diving personnel. The course is essentially a clinical course in diving medicine for personnel not charged to do Medical examination of divers. Training is focused on skills related to clinical aspects of diving medicine. The course is arranged once or twice annually at Haakonsvern Naval Base.

1-day refresher course in diving medicine for approved diving physicians. Frequency not decided but at least once a year. The course is open for approved (Norwegian regulations) diving physicians only, is held in Norwegian Language at Haakonsvern Naval Base.

Regulations applicable for medical certificates for divers working in Norway (in-shore and off-shore)


From a legal point of view, Norwegian regulation discriminates between recreational diving, in-shore diving, off-shore diving and military diving. These will accordingly be described in different paragraphs.

Requirement for approval - diving physicians

Norwegian regulations require that physicians examining divers - either in-shore or off-shore divers, should be recognized/approved by Norwegian authorities. This approval is granted by the Rogaland County Officer, Department of Health and Social Affairs. To be awarded approval as a diving physician, all of these requirements must be fullfilled:

Either Scandinavian or English speaking physician

Trained in (Norwegian) Petroleum Medicine in a course approved by the Norwegian Directorate of Health. Presently the Norwegian Centre for Maritime Medicine is the only organizer of such courses. Their course lasts two days. Please visit their website for more information.

Trained in Diving medicine in a course approved by the Norwegian Directorate of Health. Presently the Norwegian Armed Forces Medical Services is the only organizer of such courses. See text above for information.

In short: Getting approval as a diving physician according to Norwegian regulations is a rather time consuming and slow process. You should be aware that maintainance of approval will require re-training at an approved course every third year.


Off-shore diving

Diving on the Norwegian continental shelf requires the diver to hold a valid diving medical certificate. Such is issued by approved medical examiners (see above). The examination takes place annually. Off-shore diving is regulated by a set of rules and regulations (and guidelines/standards) specifically for such diving. The Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA)  has supervision authority in collaboration with Rogaland County Officer, Department of Health and Social affairs.  Diving in relationship to some of the main oil and gas on-shore plants are supervised by PSA as well though the governing regulations are the one of in-shore diving (see below). Divers holding a UK or dutch medical certificate of diving is approved to dive on the Norwegian Continental Shelf as well.

In-shore diving

The main Norwegian regulation for safe work has a part (§26) regulating in-shore diving and calls for mandatory annual medical examination by approved medical examiners. The regulatory supervision of such diving is done by the Norwegian Lebour Inspectorate. Divers with a valid EU medical examination is allowed to dive in Norwegian in-shore waters as well.

Recreational divning

Institutions providing entry-level recreational diver training are mandated to ensure that the student is medically fit for diving. A slightly revised revision of the RSTC guideline is used. Any physician may issue the medical certificate.

Military diving

Will not be detailed here.